How Do I Determine if I Should Donate Products?

Donating product will work for some brands and for others it won't. Either way you've got a killer returns app! 

There are many variables but in the simplest terms ask yourself the following. 

  1. Are you sitting on too much inventory? 
  2. Do you often have to liquidate inventory via off-price channels? 
  3. Do you manage your own fulfillment or does a 3PL do this for you? 
  4. What are your average retail price points and when does it not make sense to go through all the hassle and costs of bringing goods back into your warehouse?
  5. Do you have old season product that you don't want back in your warehouse?

Imagine the ability to skip the returns process, do good and focus on getting your customer to repurchase from you. The Holiday season is a great example. Do you want those returns on items you heavily discounted in order to drive year end sales?

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